7 Weird and wonderful Things to Do in South East Asia

There are many wonderful places to visit in South East Asia but there are also many things to do. Beyond the usual things that can be accomplished during a trip in Vietnam Laos Cambodia Thailand, this region

There are many wonderful places to visit in South East Asia but there are also many things to do. Beyond the usual things that can be accomplished during a trip in Vietnam Laos Cambodia Thailand, this region of the Asian continent offers much less conventional, or even completely crazy things to do. Things that you cannot do anywhere else, and most people do not even imagine to do. But is not it also travel? Able to do things we cannot do in his own country.

Shopping in Bangkok’s famous Emporium
Emporium Bangkok is a luxury six-storey shopping centre in Sukhumvit, housing world-renowned designer brands, cinemas, expansive supermarket and food courts.

It has been listed as one of South East Asia’s premier shopping locations.

Shoppers come from all over the world often staying in the equally amazing local hotels.


Eat insects everywhere in Southeast Asia
Want candlelight dinner with your girlfriend in Southeast Asia ? If you really want to mark the occasion and be sure that she will remember all her life that dinner – and therefore you – I suggest you give him a meal of grilled grasshoppers accompanied by a scorpion in hot sauce.

One of best place is Khao San Road in Bangkok but you can find these delicious dishes in many other parts of Southeast Asia.

Playing at being an all action hero
If you like guns and you have always dreamed of participating in a shootout as can be seen in action movies then you can try to fire an AK -47 in Cambodia. It is a popular tourist activity there. Shooting live bullets may seem strange, but this is not the craziest thing. In fact, if you go to a shooting range in Cambodia, we can even offer you try an old Bazooka!

Visit the Museum of Torture in Bangkok
The Museum of Torture in Bangkok is actually an old prison. The museum displays all kinds of torture used during the Ayutthaya period. Some of them are really scary – Sensitive souls refrain. ..

 See The Reclining Buddha
A visit to Wat Pho is a must for any tourist in Bangkok, it is the home to the famous Reclining Buddha. The history is that Buddha completed 108 positive actions on his way to becoming perfect. The golden Buddha stands (or lies!) 15m tall and 46m metres long. The Buddha’s feet feet alone are measured at over 5m. The whole statue is coated in gold leaf and looks incredible when you get up close. Inside the temple there are 108 bowls and on the way in to the temple you can buy coins to donate.

Staying in Thailand’s capital City – one night in Bangkok

Sukhumvit is arguably the best area to stay in Bangkok for nightlife when it comes to dining out and dancing and clubbing! Much of the action centers around Soi 11, Bangkok’s famous party street, a favourite with both expats and tourists with its large selections of family hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars.

Drinking and partying at the river in Vang Vieng
This activity is common in Vang Vieng, Laos, where bars bloom in the river of this small village. The peculiarity of this place is that you can drink alcohol at unbeatable prices in bamboo tubes or buckets – the famous buckets. Most tourists who go there are drunk and half naked.

Participate in Thaipusam in Penang
Thaipusam is a major Hindu festival which is held every year in Malaysia, Penang. You will see people who shave their heads and undertake a pilgrimage of tens of kilometres to a large Hindu religious monument. During this pilgrimage, people “self- torture” parts of their body, for example by piercing the tongue or cheek with a long needle. Some travellers also participate in the ceremony.

Buy fun fake ID  in Khao San Road
If you go through one of the most famous streets in Bangkok, Khao San Road, you will find several booths offering services of counterfeit documents. You can get a fake driver’s license or a fake university degree then. It is impossible to miss because they are only a few meters from the tourist police!

Do you know any other weird and controversial to do in South East Asia things? Get in touch!