Booking Online: The 5 Advantages

Travel, while being a stimulating exercise, can quickly turn into a nightmare, if you haven’t planned for the stay and accommodation in advance. Here are five advantages to making your booking in advance.

If you have been around since the early or late 80’s, then you would be very familiar with a person who lived around the corner from your house.

He would arrange to book a train ticket or buy an airplane ticket for you, book your family into a comfortable room for your holiday and even organize a cab at short notice. These ubiquitous people were called travel agents, the entities who still exist in

Thanks to the explosion of the internet, by the mid-‘90s and very obviously by the turn of the century, people became more and more self-reliant when it came to these tasks.

Now, just keying in the right words in a search engine will throw up enough and more options for both the intrepid traveler, planning a hike in the Himalayas or the conservative couple, looking for a romantic getaway at short notice.

It’s interesting to note that a lot of people shy away from making bookings online these days. Here are 5 reasons why you should:

1.     It’s instant:

Imagine calling up an agent and asking him to book the ticket/hotel room for you. Now picture waiting for three days to get a confirmation. Then, think of being informed that the place wasn’t available for your stay. All of this- the call, the wait, the regret- can be avoided, since hotel availability is now information that is at your fingertips. Find out how to book online.

2.     It’s easy:

Airport transfers can be confusing and can sometimes lead you to getting lost and in some occasions nearly missing your flight. However, you can now book airport transfers online that are simple and easy for places such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. View more here.

Of course, it requires some basic working knowledge of websites and how to navigate around them. But, the good thing is that it isn’t hard to learn, even for one who is a novice when it comes to computers. Get someone to help you out with the following things for the first time:

  • Navigating and selecting location and hotels
  • Checking the availability of days
  • Selecting the actual dates you require the room
  • Keying in the number of adults and children who will be staying there
  • Studying and comparing the rates of hotels
  • Using a credit card for online transactions

3.     It’s varied:

No longer do you need to be constrained by one hotel in one location. Today you have the wealth and freedom of choice at your disposal. If there is something you dislike about a hotel, you can always look for another in the same vicinity, within your budget, and all within a matter of minutes.

4.     It’s confirmed:

You can now plan your travel, knowing for certain that there is a paid-for room awaiting you at the end of the journey.

Typically, all hotel booking sites will send confirmation e-mails as well as a message to your mobile, with all the booking details. Now, you don’t even need to print out the information, since all the relevant data is stored on your phone. See more benefits.

5.     It’s reassuring:

Today, there are websites which allow you to compare the quality of your chosen hotels against the yardstick placed by other travelers. Think of the security you would feel, upon knowing that the room you’ve chosen was rated among the top ten holiday destinations of the year. The reviews by other travellers are likely to be your best bet when it comes to choosing a place like hotels near to Hunter Valley.

So, what are you waiting for? Get online and start your holiday hunting!